why cactus?

We are constantly asked this question.

When searching for a name for the new practice in 2013, Peter Gray sought a name that bought back fond memories. The photographs on this page show Cactus Beach, an internationally known surf beach in the Great Australian Bight where Peter spent some time in his youth with friends.

The photos tell the story.

ABOUT our website

How annoying is it when you open up a website and it tells you it is under construction? Ours is partly constructed and partly under construction. It is a work in progress.

Despite the combined experience of Peter Gray and Paul de Podolinsky who, between them can boast many significant completed projects, Cactus itself is only 3 years old. Many of our projects are yet to be built, or at least yet to be completed.

Where we are able to show our built works, we have, but where they are yet to be built, we have to resort to showing 3D digital images. Accordingly, it is only our smaller projects that have been photographed. The larger ones will emerge over time.